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American Photography: Pro Photo Daily

PRO PHOTO DAILY is the free subscription daily newsletter from American Photography Magazine. Important articles covering important topics in the Photographic world are sent to subscribers daily. The December 14th edition includes a link to the AMAZON page for my recent OYAKO book. Please follow this link for the Pro Photo Daily site where you can subscribe, or search the archive for …

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PDN: Generations Of Japanese Parents And Children

Photo District News (PDN) is the award-winning monthly magazine for professional photographers. Recently, 10 pictures from the OYAKO portfolio were selected by the editors for the Photo of The Day section on the PDN website. Please visit their site to see this selection and many other news articles, features, and photographs from around the world. アメリカで最もフォロアーが多い写真情報誌 PDN PHOTO …

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OYAKO Photo Book

Recently, I published a photo book on my Oyako (parent and children) series in English.I was able to make this amazing book, with the support of Sora Books. It is being sold at a super rock-bottom price.Click on the links below for Amazon US and Amazon Japan. The book is also available in the UK, …

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2018 OYAKO DAY Exhibition

OYAKO DAY 2018 Photos on Display Location: Olympus Gallery (Tokyo)Dates: Sept. 14 – 19 (11:00 ~ 19:00)* last day exhibition ends at 15:00Talk-show: Sept 16 (Sunday) (13:00~ 14:00) with Bruce Osborn and Masanori IshibikiAddress: S-tec Joho Bldg. B1 floor, Nishi Shinjuku 1-24-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0023Telephone: 03-5909-0191

Happy Oyako Day 2018

Today I am in the studio taking photos of 100 groups of parents and children. This is the 16th year to have this event and I’m looking forward to meeting many oyako (parents and children). Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who help make this day happen.

Oyako Book Giving Campaign

On July 13th, there was a press conference announcing this year’s Oyako Day book giving campaign which is supported by the following bookstores; Tsutaya, Asahiya, Libro, Parco, Yomu Yomu, Tadaya, Orion, Books Emutasu. 「親子の日」に“本を贈ろう”キャンペーン 「親子の日」に、親子を結ぶ本のギフトはいかがですか? 親から子へ伝えたいことはたくさんあるはずなのに、 会話がなかったり言うタイミングがなかったり、面と向かって言うのが恥ずかしかったり、、、 そんな時、会話の代わりに想いを伝えてくれるのは1冊の本かもしれません。 今年、全国の書店にて「親子の日」に“本を贈ろう”キャンペーンを実施いたします。 書店が選ぶ“親から子へ贈りたい本”の展開のほか、ブックカバー、 伝えたい想いを書き込めるメッセージしおりを書籍ご購入者さまへプレゼント。 いまの自分の子供たちと同じ年頃で読んだ本、これまでに読んだ忘れられない本、 親になった娘・息子に読んでほしい本、 「こんな生き方ってかっこいい」と思えるような主人公が出てくる本・・・ 贈る相手を考えながら本を選ぶ時間もかけがえのない時間になるはず。 ぜひ今年の「親子の日」には本で気持ちのプレゼントを。 ■「親子の日」に“本を贈ろう”キャンペーン・実施期間:7月1日~7月22日 (ブックカバー、しおりはなくなり次第配布終了) ・実施店舗(※各書店ともに一部店舗のぞく) TSUTAYA / TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE / 蔦屋書店、旭屋書店、 …

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In support of Oyako Day, TSUTAYA is collaborating with a number of other bookstores on a campaign asking parents to give their children books. Believing in the power of books to stimulate positive change, we hope these presents will serve as inspiration for the children. This book campaign is happening in 900 bookstores throughout Japan during the …

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Hayama ♥ Oyako

At this year’s Hayama Art Festival, I have a large artwork on display at Morito Jinja. On May 5th, I will be having a photo session.Families interested in joining this event can contact for more information.

My Favorite Japan

I was recently on Japan Easy II to introduce my 2 favorite Japanese words.Japan Easy II is a feature of NHK World, an international broadcasting service for news and culture from Japan. Click the #18 episode.My section is the last 5 min. of the program.