Bruce Osborn

Akiyuki Nozaka October 10, 1930~December 9, 2015

Akiyuki Nozaka Passed Away On Dec. 9th.

He was a famous novelist, who was also renowned for his short temper and outspokenness.

In 1988, I had the opportunity to photograph him with his daughter. Typically, my Oyako photo sessions start off fun and active. I think it helps the subjects relax and also creates a rhythm to the shoot. However, partway into this session, Nozaka grumbled, “I just want to take a formal portrait with my daughter”. Without showing even the faintest hint of a smile the whole time, I was under the impression that he was in a bad mood that day. Later I found I was quite mistaken when I read his interview.

Nozaka said he was very nervous about taking the photograph with his daughter. It was such an important occasion that he had even stopped drinking alcohol the week prior to shooting. As the expression goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”: hidden below that gruff exterior, beat the heart of a father who loved his daughter.

Rest in peace Akiyuki Nozaka, I will never forget you.